• Turboprop

    Ernesto Cervini

    Tara Davidson - Alto and Soprano Saxophones
    Joel Frahm - Tenor Saxophone
    William Carn - Trombone
    Adrean Farrugia - Piano
    Dan Loomis - Bass
    Ernesto Cervini - Drums

    Innovative and electrifying, Toronto jazz drummer Ernesto Cervini has energy to burn, whether radiating it from behind his kit or working on any number of musical and educational projects. Cervini has added two more instruments to the fold to create the new sextet, Turboprop. The band features his regular quartet of Joel Frahm on Tenor Saxophone, Adrean Farrugia on Piano, Dan Loomis on Bass and Cervini on Drums, plus Tara Davidson on Alto Saxophone and William Carn on Trombone.

    The band's sound is reminiscent to the hard swinging Jazz Messenger bands of Art Blakey, although they tackle a wide range of music; from Charlie Parker to Claude Debussy to Radiohead, plus originals from all the band members.  They have already toured twice across Canada to rave reviews, and released their debut album on ANZIC Records (NYC) in the spring of 2015.

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    1. Unnecessary Mountain 7:30
    2. Red Cross 7:24
    3. Fear of Flying 7:23
    4. The Engulfed Cathedral 8:06
    5. Three Angels 12:10
    6. De Molen 6:09
    7. Cheer Up Charlie 5:35
    8. Bindi Bop 2:40
    9. Marion Theresa 6:25
    10. The Windup 4:47

  • There

    Ernesto Cervini Quartet

    Joel Frahm - Saxophones
    Adrean Farrugia - Piano
    Dan Loomis - Bass
    Ernesto Cervini - Drums

    On There, his third recording as a leader, Cervini and the band revel in the joy that musicians experience playing for an enthusiastic crowd, and gives the listener a front row seat to enjoy this riveting set of music.

    "Ernesto Cervini is blazing a path through contemporary jazz with smart new ideas and a burning intensity that shouts to be heard....One of 2011’s best!"  Geoff Chapman - Wholenote Magazine


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    1. Granada Bus 06:00
    2. Secret Love 08:51
    3. Gramps 06:55
    4. TGV 13:39
    5. The Monks of Oka 07:21
    6. Alert 05:17
    7. Woebegone 08:18
    8. Tullamore 06:38
    9. Little Black Bird 10:56

  • Little Black Bird
    Little Black Bird

    Ernesto Cervini Quartet, featuring Joel Frahm

    Joel Frahm -  Saxophones
    Adrean Farrugia -  Piano
    Jon Maharaj - Bass
    Ernesto Cervini -  Drums

    Young composer and drummer Ernesto Cervini collects compositions like others collect seashells, or snapshots. His inspirations include an encounter with a Mexican bird, friends, family, and high speed bullet trains. Cervini’s sophomore release includes a riveting program of mostly originals played by a fiery ensemble featuring saxophonist Joel Frahm (Brad Mehldau, Jane Monheit) and Cervini’s engrossing drumming.

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    1. Coconut Bill 5:17
    2. Mia Figlia 7:28
    3. Little Black Bird 7:41
    4. Nonna Rosa 4:54
    5. Jimmy Rey 8:13
    6. On Being Grand 5:12
    7. Seven Claps 6:38
    8. Cerebrau 8:24
    9. 2+2=5 6:40

  • Here

    The Ernesto Cervini Quartet

    Mike Murley - Saxophones

    Adrean Farrugia - Piano

    Jon Maharaj - Bass

    Ernesto Cervini - Drums

    Here is Ernesto Cervini's debut album.  The album features 9 original tunes, and the band features Toronto's own Mike Murley on saxophones.

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    1. Mestropholis 7:10
    2. Gramps 8:54
    3. Bust-Your-Butt Falls 11:21
    4. Six Seven 8:15
    5. TGV 11:19
    6. The Sneaky Two 6:56
    7. February Jenny 5:45
    8. Tune For Amy 6:10
    9. Here 6:30


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