Chris Donnelly - Piano
Dan Fortin - Bass
Ernesto Cervini - Drums

This is the debut album from Canadian jazz trio, Myriad.  A true collective in every sense of the word, Myriad3 brings together 3 talented musicians from 3 different backgrounds to form a cohesive ensemble able to take the listener on a powerful sonic journey!

"An inventive, creative and dynamic trio that has one foot firmly planted in the tradition of jazz piano trios and one foot stepping into the future."  Jon Neher, The Carillon

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1. Myriad 5:39
2. Fractured 5:20
3. For the Dreamers 4:42
4. C Jam Blues 3:52
5. Disturbing Inspiration (Part 1) 6:07
6. Disturbing Inspiration (Part 2) 3:11
7. Tell 6:22
8. Drifters 6:39
9. But Still and Yet 4:05
10. Mr. Awkward 4:39
11. Lament/PEX 4:20

Hiromi Masuda: Maybe September

Maybe September

Hiromi Masuda - Alto Saxophone
Gene DiNovi - Piano
Neil Swainson - Bass
Ernesto Cervini - Drums

Wonderful Saxophonist Hiromi Masuda from Tokyo, Japan.  Recorded in October 2009 in Tokyo, Japan.

1. Out of Nowhere
2. You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
3. Maybe September
4. What Is This Thing Called Love
5. Royal Roost
6. All The Things You Are
7. The Shadow Of Your Smile
8. Tico Tico
9. Fly Me To The Moon
10. When Words Are Not Enough

MEM3: Pennsylvania Grey

Pennsylvania Grey

Michael Cabe - Piano

Mark Lau - Bass

Ernesto Cervini- Drums

Pennsylvania Grey, MEM3's debut album is a musical tour de force featuring 3 musicians from 3 different parts of the world.  Michael Cabe, piano (United States), Mark Lau , bass (Australia) and Ernesto Cervini, drums (Canada) weave beautiful melodies, and tell very intricate stories through their 9 original pieces, and 1 traditional hymn.  Contemporary mainstream jazz polished to a high sheen - Ken Waxman (Wholenote Magazine)

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1. Skydrol 7:44
2. Tragic Interruption 5:56
3. Pennsylvania Grey 12:01
4. The Voice 2:55
5. Pending 6:52
6. Cerebrau 6:58
7. Silence the Melting Light 8:50
8. Thankfulness 5:45
9. Mashishi 3:48
10. Abide With Me 6:15

Amy Cervini: Lovefool


Amy Cervini - Vocals

Michael Cabe - Piano

Mark Lau - Bass

Ernesto Cervini - Drums


Vocalist Amy Cervini “…neatly straddles the line between confessional balladeering and breezy swing” (Time Out New York), and this recording is a prime example. The Amy Cervini Quartet (ACQ) effortlessly journeys through an eclectic mix of songs from The Cardigans, Depeche Mode, and Jack Johnson to American Songbook favorites “Comes Love” and “Bye Bye Country Boy,” providing each one with a unique and imaginative treatment. With guest appearances by Joel Frahm (Tenor), Marty Ehrlich (Bass Clarinet), and String Nucleus. Includes Fred Hersch’s never before recorded composition “Lazin’ Around”.

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1.  Bye Bye Country Boy 04:13
2.  Upside Down 03:52
3.  Sad Songs and Waltzes 03:46
4.  Good Riddance 05:43
5.  Lovefool 03:50
6.  Quand Je Marche 05:24
7.  I Wanna Get Married 04:50
8.  Enjoy the Silence 05:18
9.  Lazin’ Around 03:49
10.  Comes Love 05:02
11.  Lonely Highway 05:19
12.  The More I Go Out 02:54

Duncan Hopkins: Bleak Midwinter

Bleak Midwinter

Mike Murley - Tenor Saxophone
Tara Davidson - Alto Saxophone
Rob Piltch - Guitar
Duncan Hopkins - Bass
Ernesto Cervini - Drums
& The Yorkminster Citadel Band of The Salvation Army



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1. Blue March
2. In The Bleak Midwinter
3. Colin's Lullabye/Lullabye
4. Huron Carol
5. Three Views of Coventry
6. Lament for the Lost
7. In the Love of Jesus
8. Away in a Manger/ O Christmas Tree
9. Londeonderry Air
10. Christmas Time is Here
11. Homeless
12. O Canada

Melissa Pisarzowski: Melissa Pisarzowski

Melissa Pisarzowski

Melissa Pisarzowski - Vocals
Alex Samaras - Vocals
Danny DePoe - Trumpet
David French - Saxophone
Kevin Barret - Guitar
Jamie Reynolds - Piano
Jon Maharaj - Bass
Ernesto Cervini - Drums

The debut album from Melissa Lauren Pisarzowski.  

1. Them There Eyes
2. Darn That Dream
3. They Say It's Spring
4. Desafinado
5. You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
6. Guess Who I Saw Today?
7. I Enjoy Being a Girl
8. It All Depends On You
9. It's Only a Papter Moon
10. Orange Colored Sky
11. In a Sentimental Mood

Outtrip: Yo…Lounge


Dan Boniferro - Vocals and Guitar
Liam Molony - Vocals and Guitar
Marc Perri - Bass
Ernesto Cervini - Drums

Indie rock band based in Toronto

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1. Dear God,
2. Broken Soles
3. Wrote You Love
4. Subline
5. Outspoken
6. Months Later...
7. Sittin' Well
8. All My Friends

Tucksy: The EP

The EP

Dan McCarthy - Vibes
Tuey Connell - Banjo
Dan Loomis - Bass
Ernesto Cervini - Drums

The EP from Brooklyn-based jazz quartet, Tucksy

1. Tucksy's Theme
2. The Mysterious Disappearance of Sir Randolph Buckminster
3. The Television Lies
4. Theme from Law and Order
5. Loblues

Monday Off: Monday Off

Monday Off

Monday Off
Hilary Gardner
Amy Cervini
Richard Roland
Raymond Sage

Avishai Cohen - Trumpet
Anat Cohen - Clarinet
Gene Bertoncini - Guitar
Dan Kaufman - Piano
David Wong - Bass
Ernesto Cervini - Drums

4-Part Vocal Group based in NYC

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1. I've Got the World on a String
2. It's Only a Paper Moon
3. Blackbird
4. Wouldn't It Be Loverly?
5. Li'l Darlin'
6. Doodlin'
7. Come Take a Trip in My Airship/Meet Me in St. Louis
8. Cute
9. Whirly Bird
10. Five O'Cluck Whistle
11. So Danco Samba
12. Almost Like Being in Love
13. If I Only Had a Brain

Ilana Waldston: I Could Laugh Out Loud

I Could Laugh Out Loud

Chase Sandborn - Trumpet
Drew Jurecka - Violin
John MacMurchy - Saxophone
Mark Kieswetter - Piano
Ted Quinlan - Guitar
Ross MacIntyre - Bass
Ernesto Cervini - Drums

Toronto-based Jazz Singer

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1. You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To
2. Boum
3. No Moon At All
4. It's a Helluva Way to Run a Love Affair
5. Down St. Thomas Way
6. Dancin on the Ceiling
7. Pure Imagination
8. On the Streets of Paree
9. Lucky to Be Me
10. You Are There
11. Isn't it a Lovely Day to be Caught in the Rain
12. Buffalo, City of Dreams
13. Hannukah in Santa Monica

Amy Cervini Quartet: Famous Blue

Famous Blue

Amy Cervini - Vocals
Michael Cabe - Piano, Accordion, Background Vocals
Mark Lau - Bass, Background Vocals
Ernesto Cervini - Drums, Percussion, Clarinet, Background Vocals

Debut album from NYC-based singer, Amy Cervini

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1. Because I Told You So
2. How He Sings
3. Sliding Down
4. Famous Blue Raincoat
5. No Moon At All
6. Mushaboom
7. Extraordinary Machine
8. Don't Fence Me In
9. Don't Explain
10. Holiday

Tara Davidson: Code Breaking

Code Breaking

Tara Davidson - Alto/Soprano Saxes
Mike Murley - Tenor Saxophones
David Braid - Keyboards
Michael McClennan - Bass
Ernesto Cervini - Drums

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1. Code Breaking
2. Koalogy
3. Black Night Blue
4. Jig For Joshua
5. Puffin Boogie
6. Signal Hill
7. Reason Season Lifetime
8. Anneke's Lullaby
9. Battle Scars

Sam Broverman: Leftover Dreams

Leftover Dreams

Sam Broverman - Vocals
Mark Kieswetter - Piano
Jordan O'Connor - Bass
Ernesto Cervini - Drums

Celbrating 100 years of Sammy Cahn & Jimmy Van Husen

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1. Until The Real Thing Comes Along
2. Please Be Kind
3. Oh, You Crazy Moon
4. Saturday Night
5. A Month Ago/Like Someone In Love
6. Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out to Dry
7. It Could Happen To You
8. Here's That Rainy Day
9. Teach Me Tonight
10. All The Way
11. Come Dance With Me
12. All My Tomorrows
13. Call Me Irresponsible
14. Empty Tables
15. A Sammy Cahn Song

Ted Brown & Gene DiNovi: Live In Yokohama

Live In Yokohama

Ted Brown - Tenor Saxophone
Gene DiNovi - Piano
Neil Swainson - Bass
Ernesto Cervini - Drums

Recorded live in Yokohama, Japan this album brings together 2 legendary octegenarian musicians; Tenor Saxophonist Ted Brown and Pianist Gene DiNovi.  The band is rounded out by bassist Neil Swainson and drummer Ernesto Cervini.

1. On A Slow Boat To China
2. Ghost Of A Chance
3. Golden Earrings
4. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
5. Limehouse Blues
6. Star Eyes
7. You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To

Myriad3: The Where

The Where

Chris Donnelly - Piano
Dan Fortin - Bass
Ernesto Cervini - Drums

Myriad3 exploded onto the international jazz scene with the release of their debut album, Tell, in late 2012. This introduced the world to an exciting new trio whose sound is greater than the sum of its individual seriously-talented parts. The trio comprises pianist Chris Donnelly, bassist Dan Fortin, and drummer Ernesto Cervini. All highly-regarded players on the Toronto scene, they met in late 2010, and a shared creative chemistry quickly found them committed to this new joint project.

Tell earned Myriad3 impressive airplay in Canada, Europe and the U.S. (where it topped the CMJ charts for three weeks). It made them a critic’s favorite, and led to a successful first European tour. So Where to next? Onward and upwards is the answer to that query.

Any talk of a sophomore slump or jinx is extinguished upon first listen to the second Myriad3 album, The Where. It showcases a group compelled to experiment and progress, not rest on their laurels. To record the album, they reunited with producer Peter Cardinali (he also heads their label, ALMA Records) and JUNO-winning engineer John ‘Beetle’ Bailey at elite Toronto studio The Drive Shed, with the band and production team adopting a different approach this time out.

“The idea on “Tell” was to just capture their performances on an organic level, live in the studio,” explains Cardinali. “For The Where, the material really lent itself to a different set of production values and enhancing the songs in the studio. I told the guys ‘we know you can sound great. Let’s take it a few steps further.’ They were all hip to doing that.”

Chris, Dan and Ernesto immediately relished the challenge. “This is a very different record,” says Fortin. “We did a lot after the sessions, adding horns and synths and doing more arranging. This approach made sense as part of our process. Whenever one ofus brings something to the band, we all workshop it. We develop the songs as one, adding ideas that end up changing it a whole bunch, so it made sense to bring it to Peter and go through another stage.

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1. First Flight
2. Undertow
3. The Strong One
4. Bebop Medley
5. The Where
6. Little Lentil
7. Brown
8. For All The World
9. der Trockner
10. Don't You Think

Melissa Lauren: The Other Side

The Other Side

Melissa Lauren - Vocals
William Sperandei - Trumpet
Ryan Oliver - Saxophone
Nathan Hiltz - Guitar
Matt Newton - Piano
Ross MacIntyre - Bass
Ernesto Cervini - Drums

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1. Art Class
2. Always True to You In My Fashion
3. Somehow
4. Good To You
5. Your Fool
6. I Know About You
7. Wrapped Around My Finger
8. The Restless Blues
9. Secret World
10. Fondness
11. Senses
12. Still
13. The Other Side

Myriad3: Moons


Chris Donnelly - Piano
Dan Fortin - Bass
Ernesto Cervini - Drums

"Moons" is the third release from cutting-edge Canadian jazz trio Myriad3.

Moons is the sound of a group totally at ease with itself and the music it wants to create.
To be released on Alma Records on May 20, 2016 this is the consistently compelling and charming third album from Myriad3, an eclectic jazz-rooted trio comprising skilled composers and instrumentalists having a blast making music together.

Five years of intensive work have paid off in the forging of a deep personal and creative empathy between pianist Chris Donnelly, bassist Dan Fortin, and drummer Ernesto Cervini. As a result, their compositions are explored intuitively, not intellectually. Donnelly explains that “when we get together to rehearse, we just brainstorm and play.”

Out of these spontaneous beginnings, the carefully crafted and road-tested compositions on Moons gradually emerged. In the fiercely democratic Myriad3, each member brings material to the group that is then collectively hammered (or caressed) into shape.

Adding to the comfort level audible on Moons is the fact it was recorded with the same team of producer Peter Cardinali and engineer John ‘Beetle’ Bailey featured on the first two Myriad 3 albums, 2012’s Tell and 2014’s The Where. This album was recorded at Toronto’s elite Noble Street Studios. Over the course of last summer and then with European and Japanese shows in November, Myriad3 gave these new compositions a good workout in performance, prior to bringing them into the studio.

Comparing Moons to the two earlier albums, Dan notes that “the material here is pretty different, and I’d say more thoroughly composed than The Where. I believe we have evolved with each album.” Chris concurs, adding that “Tell is rather a live off the floor record, with The Where being more of a transition to where we are now with Moons.”

Adding a refreshing variety to Myriad3’s material is the fact all three members have different compositional methods. Fortin explains that “we all write with our own distinctive style but we’re very much informed by the others. I write a very different kind of song for this band compared to other projects, and Chris and Ernesto’s songwriting is a real influence on me.”

The concise tunes on Moons take the listener on an intriguing journey. “There are some tunes on here I call slow burns, with things changing slowly and gradually,” says Ernesto. “Stoner,” for instance, is gently meditative as befits the title, but with plenty of intriguing subtle shifts, while Cervini’s title track composition is soothingly tranquil.

Already a crowd favourite, “Skeleton Key” has an insistent yet melodic feel, while “Brother Dom” and “Sketch 8” are more dramatic and assertive in tone. The one cover here, “Counter of the Cumulus” is by electronic artist Disasterpeace, and its choice reflects the freshly contemporary and cutting-edge outlook of Myriad3.

A dynamic act in performance, Myriad3 have successfully toured Canada, the US, and Europe multiple times and are making inroads in Japan and Asia. Their Canadian profile was boosted in 2015 when The Where was nominated for a Juno Award (the Canadian equivalent of a Grammy).

The three members of Myriad3 are passionately committed to the project. While they set their focus on a bright future, it is time for us to luxuriate in the musical glow of Moons.

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1. Skeleton Key
2. Noyammas
3. Unnamed Cells
4. Stoner
5. Peak Fall
6. Counter of the Cumulus
7. Ameliasburg
8. Sketch 8
9. Moons
10. Brother Dom
11. Exhausted Clock

Sam Broverman: Feelings of Affection

Feelings of Affection

Sam Broverman - Vocals
John MacMurchy - Saxophone
Tony Quarrington - Guitar
Mark Kieswetter - Piano
Jordan O'Connor - Bass
Ernesto Cervini - Drums

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1. On a Clear Day
2. Day of Wine and Roses
3. I Want Everybody to Love Me
4. Underneath the Apple Tree
5. That Old Black Magic
6. The Ballad of the Sad Young Men

Gene DiNovi: Rodgers and Hart

Rodgers and Hart

Gene DiNovi - Piano
Neil Swainson - Bass
Ernesto Cervini - Drums

1. Little Girl Blue
2. My Funny Valentine
3. I Didn't Know What Time It Was
4. Johnny One Note
5. Wait Till You See Her
6. Thou S'well
7. Bewitched
8. Spring Is Here
9. Have You Met Miss Jones
10. This Can't Be Love
11. Fall In Love With Love
12. It Never Entered My Mind

MEM3: Circles


Michael Cabe - Piano
Mark Lau - Bass
Ernesto Cervini - Drums

Circles is the sophomore release for North American collective, MEM3. MEM3 features 3 different musicians from 3 different parts of the globe, whose collective vibe and musicianship forms a very distinct and adventurous modern jazz trio. The trio consists of Michael Cabe on piano from Seattle (USA), Mark Lau on bass from Sydney (Australia) and Ernesto Cervini from Toronto (Canada).
The album is made up of original compositions from all three musicians as well as one traditional hymn. Included is a piece dedicated to the great jazz pianist, Esbjorn Svensson who’s own trio EST was a great inspiration for these musicians. The group’s sound is in uenced by the trio sounds of the great Oscar Peterson, Peter Erskine, the Bad Plus and the aforementioned EST.

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1. Centrical 5:34
2. Native Dancer 5:35
3. Circles 5:00
4. Quiescent 7:41
5. The Shire Song 8:06
6. Anthem 5:55
7. Faith of our Fathers 2:44
8. Olympic 9:18
9. 4ES (for Esbjorn Svensson) 7:02
10. AFJ 3:40

Sarah Jerrom: The Yeats Project

The Yeats Project

Sarah Jerrom – Vocals/Composer
Ernesto Cervini – Drums
Andrew Downing – Cello
Aleksandar Gajic – Viola
Johnny Griffith – Bass Clarinet
Tara Kannangara – Flugelhorn
Rob McBride – Double Bass
Carissa Neufeld – Piano
Tom Richards – Conductor
Linnea Thacker – VIolin

A beautiful collection of music set to the poetry of William Butler Yeats.  


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1. He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven
2. A Coat/That Reed-Throated Whisperer
3. The Stolen Child
4. Adam's Curse
5. The Choice
6. Meru
7. The Lake Isle of Innisfree/Stream and Sun at Glendalough
8. Sailing to Byzantium
9. She Moved Through the Fair
10. Death
11. TO a Friend Whose Work Has Come to Nothing

The Carn Davidson 9: Murphy


William Carn - Trombone
Tara Davidson - Alto/Soprano Saxophones
Kelly Jefferson - Tenor Saxophone
Perry White - Baritone Saxophone
Jason Logue - Trumpet
Kevin Turcotte - Trumpet
Alex Duncan - Bass Trombone
Andrew Downing - Bass
Ernesto Cervini - Drums

Following up on their Juno-nominated debut, Murphy is the exciting new recording from the Toronto-based nonet, the Carn Davidson 9.
This electrifying new release exempli es the musical growth of the group. From the ensemble playing, to the solos, to the repertoire,
Murphy epitomizes the sound of the band.
Featuring 8 new compositions by co-leaders William Carn and Tara Davidson, this new recording also features new arrangements by not only Carn and Davidson but also by Geoff Young, Andrew Downing, Jason Logue, Ernesto Cervini and Andy Ballantyne. All these musical perspectives blend to form the unique and beautiful sound of the Carn Davidson 9.
The Carn Davidson 9 was formed at the beginning of 2010 and this collaborative project is an opportunity for both artists to “reimagine” their compositions for this chamber jazz instrumentation, shining new perspective on their existing repertoire.

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1. Try Again 6:59
2. Family Portrait 6:54
3. Glassman 7:08
4. Murphy’s Law 7:04
5. Second Act (For Ron) 8:29
6. Reason Season Lifetime 7:42
7. Colebourn 6:45
8. Murphy! 6:57