Reviews of “There” start to come in

  • Reviews of “There” start to come in

    Great reviews have continued to pour in after ANZIC Record's September 27th release of "There" including a 4-star review in the Sunday Edition of major Swiss Newspaper, Der Sonntag.

    "Ernesto Cervini is blazing a path through contemporary jazz with smart new ideas and a burning intensity that shouts to be heard.  An album that has to be one of 2011’s best."  Geoff Chapman - Wholenote Magazine

    "A tastefully buoyant drummer as well as a sharp composer and bandleader" Time Out New York

    “Cervini recalls such old-schoolers as Art Blakey and Billy Higgins…his robust, magnetic personality fascinates consistently.”  Ken Micallef – Modern Drummer Magazine

    "One of the more joyful releases of this or any year in recent history.  Soulful, swinging and joyous, "There" is a winner!"  Richard Kamins - Step

    “On There, you can often practically hear the musicians smiling and reveling in their creativity and musical repartee…some superb, high-energy, spur-of-the-moment music” Peter Hum – The Ottawa Citizen

    “There (is) a live recording brimming with vitality, energy and the type of unbridled swing seldom heard these days…a wonderful mix of engaging compositions.  Ernesto Cervini is a dynamic force…”  Brent Black - @Critical Jazz

    "Tasty, contemporary jazz that refuses to let you predict where it's headed."  Chris Spector - Midwest Record

    "The live ambiance encouraged the band and spurred creativity that we could feel especially on the syncopated TGV. "There" is swinging with Cervini creating the backbeats and Frahm driving the melodies." Dr. Oscar Groomes - O's Place Jazz Magazine