Myriad3’s “Tell” impresses the critics!

  • Myriad3’s “Tell” impresses the critics!

    Many positive reviews have started to pour in for Myriad3's debut album, "Tell."

    Tell is my nomination for best Jazz album of the Year 2012 - Stanley Fefferman (Opus One Review)

    An inventive, creative and dynamic trio that has one foot firmly planted in the tradition of jazz piano trios and one foot stepping into the future - Jon Neher (The Carillon)

    Myriad3 certainly makes the most of its members' musicianship, but what makes this trio an even more exciting prospect is the strenth-in-depth of its compositional talents.  Donnelly, Fortin and Cervini are all writers with intriguing, individual styles.  Most bands would be happy to have one writer with those abilities.  Myriad3 is already creating fascinating stories on this debut; hopefully it has lots more tales to tell. - Bruce Lindsay (All About Jazz) 

    A trio that, despite the youth of its members, has a developed, distinct sound, admirable stylistic and emotional range, and a keenness to grapple with music beyond the more common priority of playing the coolest lines possible over the chord changes in question.  This is a group that has put thought and effort into holistic, organic improvising that is attentive to matters of form, density, timbre and narrative arc.  - Peter Hum (The Ottawa Citizen)

    All of those devices might be mere gimmicks if these musicians didn't play so damned virtuosic and there weren't any resourcefulness to their method.  But there are plenty of both, and Tell's many pleas to grab my attention, frankly, worked.  And in all the right ways.  - S. Victor Aaron (Somethin' Else)

    My favorite discovery of the year by far, this Canadian jazz trio builds on the collective nature of improvisation, crafting a nuanced debut you won't want to miss. - Jonathan Sanders (PJ Media)

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