Montreal Jazz Fest pick o’ the day

  • Montreal Jazz Fest pick o’ the day

    On Wednesday, July 4th the Ernesto Cervini Quartet was the pick of the day on Tim Tamashiro's CBC Blog.

    Thinky, drinky or slinky? This is what I ask myself when I look at the multitudes of performers at this year's Montreal International Jazz Festival.

    And since the Montreal fest holds the Guinness World Record for largest jazz festival, I thought it might be helpful to narrow down the field by sharing my pick of the day based on this question: Which artist performing today truly embodies the essence of, you guessed it, thinky, drinky or slinky? (Call it the "TDS" factor.)

    Thinky jazz may be challenging to listen to, and to play. Drinky jazz is fun, toe-tapping music. And slinky? Think romance and bubbly, possibly a little candlelight. 

    July 4 (Canadian) pick: Ernesto Cervini Quartet

    There’s something refreshing about Ernesto Cervini that’s like a glass of ice cold lemonade on a hot summer's day. He’s a “musical drummer” that likes to have fun and let the other musicians shine.

    Drummers often get put into a mould of being people that just hit pots and pans with sticks, but drumming is a lot more specialized than that. Cervini began his musical experiences playing piano and clarinet, so when he decided to concentrate on the drums he had an entirely different perspective on how he could contribute to a band by letting all the musicians shine.

    Cervini will challenge you, but I think you’ll see in the clip below that he’s genuine and unafraid to take chances.